Monday, July 29, 2013

A Great Big "Thank You" to our Kickstarter Backers

Giving Thanks Where Thanks Is Due

We've placed a Special Thanks page at the end of our video because we wouldn't have been able to make the video without help from a small army of people. The people who helped us provided everything from kid-wrangling to bringing food to the set. Give thanks where it is due.

So in that case... Thank You:

Russell J. Young Photography
Jonathan Swanson, Composer
Counterpoint Graphic Design
Jim Lattazanio, Precision Images
Mark Middleton
Lois Middleton
Nancy DeLong
Cole Stoddard
Sophie Albright
Erika Albright
Bruin Albright
Todd Werkhoven
Kimberly Field
Rachelle Matheson
Donna Stevens
Pam Atherton
Darlene Beatty

And my creative partner, Coleen McIntyre. We did this together!

For more information about our Kickstarter Campaign, The Cultured Chef, check out