Monday, June 24, 2013

Creating the Video for Our Kickstarter Campaign: The Initial Concept

The folks in charge at claim video is the most important element in creating a successful campaign. Videos are placed at the top of the page, and in most cases are the only item presented on a iPhone display unless you request more info. Video is used to tell your story, with text and supportive imagery used below in your profile.

The task of creating a video seemed very daunting at first based on the many outstanding videos I've seen on Kickstarter in the past. A good video is one that best represents your project and your personality, is of a manageable length and inspires someone to contribute to your campaign. Your message must be clear.

The Initial Concept

Whether you want to "wing it" in front of the camera for a more candid approach, or you want a polished and "put together" feel, you'll need to spend some time developing a storyline. Your story must be compelling. What will engage your viewers?

Do you have a quirky personality? Let your personality shine. 

Will your project impact a lot of people in a profound way? Focus on the human interest element. 

Is your project visually appealing? Find a way to best showcase the art you've created.

Next step: Researching your video content & Writing A Script

For more information about our Kickstarter Campaign, The Cultured Chef, check out

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