Saturday, June 22, 2013

When It's All Said and Done...

Since January of this year (2013), Coleen McIntyre and I have been working endlessly on our new book The Cultured Chef: An International Cookbook for Kids. It has been a long and winding road getting to the where we are now. Our journey has included Coleen quitting her job of 15 years to concentrate on our work together, and me scaling back on my duties at the publishing company where I've worked for the last 10 years.

Coleen and I have worked together through temper tantrums (mostly by me) and moments of complete frustration. But there is a reason we are continuing on the path we're one. The simple answer is we weren't meant to do anything else. When inspiration and creativity call out your name... sometimes you've just got to just stop, drop and roll with the flow.

The last 6 months have led us to launching our project publicly through The crowdfunding website allows creatives like ourselves to announce their projects and potentially find public backing to make them become a reality. There is nothing more exciting than pressing the "Launch" button on a project you've poured every ounce of your energy into for the last 6 months.

Currently, in our second full day of Kickstarter launch, we've surpassed 35% of our goal. That means with 29 days left of our campaign, there's a high likelihood we're going to see our project fully funded. Whether we make it or not, I can't go on without thanking all of the amazing people who have helped us out throughout the creation and launch of our Kickstarter campaign.

Here are a few people that come to mind:

Russell J. Young
Jonathan Swanson
Nancy DeLong
Pam Atherton
Mark Middleton
Lois Middleton
Todd Werkhoven
Sophie Albright
Erika Albright
Bruin Albright
Cole Stoddard
Kimberly Field
Rachelle Matheson
Counterform Graphic Design
Jim at Precision Images

And many thanks to all of the people who have helped proof our project page, marketing copy, etc.

In the next 29 days, I know whatever will be... will be. Whether our project reaches full funding or not, to be able to witness a community of people coming together to make a creative project a reality is more than enough reward.

Please take a moment to check out our Kickstarter campaign here.

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