Sunday, August 4, 2013

Creating A Video for Your Kickstarter Campaign: Research

I watched hours and hours of Kickstarter videos before beginning my project. I was able to determine aspects of each video that I liked and didn't like. I respond well to videos that highlight an individual's personality. I like videos that show positive interaction and a strong rapport between team members. And I am less inclined to watch a video of someone sitting at their desk talking straight to the camera, especially if there wasn't any supportive b-roll and accompanying imagery.

You've all seen the boring videos I'm talking about. Don't let yours be one of them!

Look beyond Kickstarter for video samples as well. Perhaps there are some interesting commercials that have been created in your field. Perhaps there are some videos created by local educational institutions that are interesting and relevant to your project. Check out what advertising agencies are creating. Little by little you'll collect notes that will help you piece together a video that will best represent your project.

Some of my Favorite Kickstarter Videos

Lucy and the Anvil

Mainly Marks: A Letterpress Project


Creating A Script

There are several options for formatting your copy. You can opt for voice-over and that will free you to be more creative with b-roll and imagery, or you can mix interview with accompanying b-roll to tell your story. 

If you opt for voice-over, you will need a polished script. If you opt for interview, you'll need to have well-rehearsed questions and answers prepared ahead of time so when it comes time to do the actual filming you won't sound like a complete idiot.

Next Step: Shooting Location

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