Monday, August 5, 2013

Creating A Video for Your Kickstarter Campaign: Shooting Location


Viewers are far more likely to respond when they can see you in your natural element. Shots of you working in your studio or office will help develop your story visually. Scenes depicting how your project will impact people prove to be successful as well. If you are an author try shooting some b-roll of you reading your book to an audience. If you are an artist, try getting some footage of you at one of your exhibitions. If you've created a video game, try including scenes of someone actively playing your game.

When it comes to video you'll want to consider two of the most important elements which are audio and lighting. If a video has terrible lighting, as a viewer I will usually tune out because it can be very off-putting. The same goes for audio. You don't want to be in a space with a strong echo, or too much ambient noise (unless it adds to the appeal of your project somehow).

If your studio is not conducive to recording your video, try finding access to a controlled studio where you can recreate the look and feel of your studio. Perhaps a friend or colleague will allow you to use their studio. The most important thing is you want to appear natural and comfortable in your environment.

Next Step: The Day of the Video Shoot

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